Great Open Day

The Chiawelo Community Practice had a splendid day giving stakeholders from Ward 11 and across Soweto/Johannesburg a ‘taste’ of what they do daily in CCP. A word commonly used by participants was IMPRESSIVE! Well done to the team.


No E-word on AU crisis-talks agenda

THE African Union (AU) is having a high-level retreat in Tanzania this week to discuss peace, security and other priority issues behind closed doors. AU Commission chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is hosting the talks with AU special envoys, mediators, foreign diplomats and civil society leaders. One word is glaringly absent from the agenda seen by Business Day: Ebola…..More

Dlamini-Zuma to visit countries at heart of Ebola crisis

Tax increases appear inevitable

TAX increases are on the cards for next year as government takes steps to address its funding shortfall. Government is looking to raise an additional R44bn in taxes over the next three years, Treasury announced in the medium-term budget policy statement tabled in Parliament on Wednesday. The gross tax revenue shortfall of R61bn over three years — R10bn lower this year — relative to forecasts is due to slower than expected economic growth. It will also require government to tighten its belt…..1 2 3 4

Preparation for CCP Open Day

CCP OPEN DAY ARRANGEMENTSThere was flurry of activity and excitement today at Chiawelo Community Practice as the whole team of 30+ people readied themselves for 100+ stakeholders from all sorts descending onto Chiawelo. Pray it goes smoothly as the day starts 9.00-10.00 with welcomes and the CCP video in the big tent just erected outside CCP. The 100+ guests will be divided into 9 groups guided by the members of the Health Promotion team (volunteers using CCP for practical experience for 3 months). They will guide the group of ±10 through 9 stations with 20 minutes each from 10.00-13.00 to get a really intimate feel of the workings of CCP. Then lunch 1.00-2.00 and then a discussion on impressions (good and could be better) and way forward /so what? Hope you can be there too. Just follow us on Twitter @afrocp

School a blur for many kids

A third of Grade1 pupils have eye, hearing or speech problems, according to Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.  He was speaking at a conference of the Hospital Association of SA in Sandton, Johannesburg, yesterday. Motsoaledi said school health teams had screened 289000 Grade1 children in the past 18 months and had found that 89000 had “serious” speech, hearing or visual impairment…..more

Spice up your salads

With summer on our doorstep, it’s time to dust off the salad servers and dish up some tasty and interesting salads. When travelling through Asia I never ate a bland or boring salad – they were all bursting with a wonderful spicy flavour. After that I found it hard not to add a touch of chilli to just about every salad dressing I made….more


Pupils impress with hot solution to cold showers

FRUSTRATED from taking cold showers at their hostel, two Simon’s Town High School pupils have created a portable, battery-operated shower attachment. Known as the ‘Hot Nozzle’, the attachment heats dispersed cold water through an internal heating element in 350 seconds, while saving time and energy. Boarders Thami Hoza, 15, and Bokamoso Molale, 16, both from Welkom in Free State, said their “junior status” at the Western Cape school hostel meant limited access to hot water in the shower…..more

Joburg prepares for Africa’s largest mall

The 1.6 million square metres Waterfall City which is host to the 130 000 square metre Mall of Africa that started its construction in 2012 is expected to welcome its first customer in April 2016.

“Several urban studies have proven that there is an excellent business case for situating the Mall of Africa within the Waterfall City development. The mall will help the City realise its financial potential,” believes Aurecon Project Director, Nicol Labuschagne.

The mall is said to cost about R3.5 billion will be easily accessible and is also situated not far from the Gautrain Station in Midrand.

With the deadline looming, the construction had to be fast tracked and saw Aurecon “using reinforced concrete flat and coffer slabs for the retail areas and post tensioned flat slabs for most of the parking decks to speed up construction”, according to Labuschagne.

Launching CCP Awareness campaign

Nkosinathi Makhubo is up and ready at the park next to Tiakeni Primary School in Ward 11. Nathi went on Friday with Mr Michael Sibisi, ward committee member, through all the streets of area 1 (of 5) announcing the march etc with a loud healers. lots of enthusiasm! We are waiting for the community to rock up. Lets see….


Improving ongoing care in CCP

We are working hard to improve Ongoing Care. This is based on the Integrated Chronic Disease Management programme in the National Department of Health. We have a a record kept by clinicians CCP Ongoing Care Record CLINICIAN 14-10-16, supplemented by a record of functionality CCP Review of functioning and ability. We also work with CHWs to follow up and provide them a plan/record for follow up CCP Ongoing Care Record CHW 14-10-16. This is kept in the CHW folder. As we manage the patient month-by-month we decide that if the patient is stable and not needing monthly visits to us that we can plan it accordingly using the Ongoing Care Records. We ensure the patient gets their medication safely and securely and is followed up regularly by CHWs with a CHW Delivery System using a CCP Chronic Script and a CCP Chronic Delivery form. The CHW record and copies of delivery are kept in the patients folder enabling clinicians to see them for any acute condition and check on their ongoing care. Patients are overjoyed!

HealthOne being deployed in CCP

Senior executives of HealthOne (from Medemass) in South Africa visited Chiawelo Community Practice on Wednesday to explore the set up of HealthOne Patient Record System as their contribution to CCPs service innovation, training, advocacy and research. They felt that CCP was a very useful model for the planned NHI and will be writing up the CCP implementation as a case study. Whilst the system will be implemented mostly using current functionality of the software e.g. records, pharmacy management, etc. the team will be exploring enhancements e.g. genograms, CHW records linked and stronger guideline support. This project promises to show all the possibilities in an NHI system where GPs are allowed to contract.

Oxfam report shows a quarter of SA suffer from hunger

A QUARTER of South Africans regularly suffer from hunger, a study released on Thursday found. “South Africa is supposed to be a food secure nation, producing enough food to adequately feed everyone but the reality is that one in four people currently suffers hunger on a regular basis,” Oxfam’s economic justice campaign manager, Rashmi Mistry, said. “Hunger strips away people’s dignity and perpetuates people’s problems.”….more and more

CCP awareness campaign

Family Sports Day We are not sitting back! CCP is organising an awareness campaign for each of over October-November ending with a Family Sports Day. A ward committee member, Mr Sibisi, will be going with his kombi and loudhailers every Friday afternoon to tell people to come to a march the following Saturday 7-8am, a meeting 8-9am and then screening9am-1pm. This will be for each of the 5 areas (with 3 CHWs). We will introduce the CHWs and the services at the practice (especially family planning / immunisation). We will then do screening for HIV, TB, Obesity, Hypertension and Diabetes. CHWs will have a chance to increase their screening impact for their communities. See the details CCP Campaign 14-10-07 Awareness