HealthPhone: Weekly news and social media on health and nutrition educational, instructional, tutorials and training videos

HealthPhone is a curated video library of some of the world’s best producers of health and nutrition educational, instructional, tutorials and training content for personal computers, mobile phones and tablets. The videos are freely available for immediate viewing and download at our web site ( ) which houses a fast growing library of over 2,500 videos across 77 languages.

HealthPhone’s main objective is to facilitate the flow of knowledge to rural low- middle-income families and health workers that serve them; delivering information to educate, motivate, empower and inspire communities around better health and nutrition practices.

The topics covered are primarily in the area of nutrition, water, timing births, safe motherhood, newborn health, child development, early learning, breastfeeding, nutrition, growth, immunization, diarrhoea, coughs, colds, serious illnesses, hygiene, malaria, HIV, child protection, injury prevention, emergencies preparedness and response.

Videos are promoted daily on our Twitter ( ) and Facebook ( ) pages and also through the weekly on-line issue of HealthPhone News ( ). Vist our web site, connect with us on social media and subscribe to our weekly news and YouTube channel ( ) for the latest in health and nutrition video content.

be well, nand

Nand Wadhwani

The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust  |

Now that we can, we must!


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