Free X-ray learning

Some of you, particularly those with an interest in radiology, may already be familiar with ( and, on Facebook, ).

In a recent article about them, it was interesting to see the following quote from its founder, Dr Gaillard, who said: ‘his site was an example of how opening access to information was beginning to revolutionise the way medicine was taught and practiced around the world.’.

The article quotes him as follows:

“A typical text book, for a sub-speciality especially, will be a couple of hundred dollars to buy – and that’s in one space, in one shelf, locked in one office,” he said.

“Digital versions of those text books are just as expensive, and very carefully controlled because the whole infrastructure is built around monetising the restriction to access to information…

…”If you want be grandiose or paranoid about it, the medical information industry makes its money by stopping people accessing the information that they need to better treat and diagnose their patients.

“What we’re about is thinking that that’s not such a great thing, and thinking that you can make this information for free.”

What do others think?


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