IntraHealth International Acquires Switchboard

IntraHealth announced yesterday their acquisition of Switchboard. You can read a copy of the press release at at IntraHealth’s website by clicking the link below. Switchboard’s promising mobile phone-based model for low- and middle-income countries joins ministries of health, private mobile phone companies and health workers to improve real-time access to critical information and peer-to-peer communication.

“The Switchboard model of developing innovative public-private partnerships and leveraging existing technologies to connect health workers and health officials throughout the country makes Switchboard a natural and exciting addition to the tools we can offer to countries to improve health services,” says Pape Gaye, president and CEO of ¬†IntraHealth.

Eric Woods, Switchboard’s cofounder and former chief executive officer, was named one of the Top 11 Innovators in mHealth in 2011 by the mHealth Alliance and Rockefeller Foundation and a Rainer Arnhold Fellow in 2012. The company launched start-up projects in Ghana, Liberia and Tanzania with support from individuals and foundations, including the Rockefeller Foundation, and Mulago Foundation.

“With more than 35 years in health service delivery and software supporting records for over one million practitioners, IntraHealth is the global leader in health worker information management, the critical backbone of Switchboard’s model,” Woods says. “We’re thrilled to offer IntraHealth an innovative extension into mobile and health service delivery, made possible by an acquisition that was our most effective path to remarkable scale.”

We here at IntraHealth look forward to sharing our vision for Switchboard under our leadership and how we will leverage this great opportunity to increase our impact as a partner of choice to the donors, health workers, countries and communities that we serve. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at


Michael Drane

Open Source Community Manager

IntraHealth International

Chapel Hill, NC

+1 919 433 5714


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