10 things to know about development and the data revolution

This set of infographics from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), UK’s leading international development think tank, should encourage all of us to re-look at our efforts in using mobile data.

As Neil summarizes, “It’s further evidence on the importance (and opportunity) of creating and distributing reliable, actionable multimedia healthcare information content – and to do so with urgency to mitigate the inevitable boom in commercial misinformation, already being propagated by big pharma and others.”

10 things to know about development and the data revolution

The data revolution has the potential to lead to sharper, more targeted, better-monitored policies. It could even transform power relations between citizens, governments and businesses. Used well, data can help people reach a clearer picture of their lives – and use the evideence for progress. But people remain uncounted and big gaps in our knowledge remain. Explore development and the data revolution in these 10 infographics.

An example of an infographic:


In 2014 the number of mobile devices overtook the global population. By 2019, mobile phone data will grow nearly tenfold and most of this increase will happen in Middle East and Africa. Half of all phones will be smartphones. Mobile phone records can help measure population, migration and poverty. Phones can help conduct surveys more quickly and cheaply, and can reach the poorest people even in very poor countries, as shown in Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. However, researchers still struggle …

Download the complete pdf document here


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Nand Wadhwani

The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust

http://motherchildtrust.org  |  http://healthphone.org  |  http://iap.healthphone.org

Now that we can, we must!


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