Possible PDF sizes for free of charge new textbook and pocketbook of hospital care

The UK medical charity, Maternal and Childhealth Advocacy International (MCAI), has recently financed and produced two new books on the hospital care of pregnant women, new-born infants, and children with a special focus on resource-limited settings, where access to the internet is limited.

These two practical and evidence-based books (International Maternal and Child Health Care -A practical manual for hospitals worldwide and a Pocket Book of Hospital Care For Maternal Emergencies Including Trauma & Neonatal Resuscitation) have been written and peer reviewed by over 100 experts from around the world, all with experience in hospital settings where there are limited resources, who have freely given their time and expertise. Several authors and reviewers are HIFA and Child 2015 members.

Please see www.mcai.org.uk for more details on both books, including contents and authors.

MCAI is distributing printed copies of these two books free of charge to health workers in public hospitals in low-income countries that provide free care to pregnant women, babies, and children.  To date MCAI has sent 2,227 textbooks books free of charge to 33 countries, including 500 copies to Afghanistan, 500 copies to Somaliland, and 800 copies to The Gambia. We are also selling both books to those in wealthier countries, to help finance the free copies and their distribution.

In the near future, we plan to have the PDFs of both books on our website so that health workers who have access to the Internet can download them free of charge.  The PDF of each book is rather large, 20MB for textbook and 9MB for pocketbook, so download times, especially in settings with weak Internet strength, may be prohibitive. So we also plan to divide the books into smaller sections to aid downloading, especially for those in rural, resource-limited settings.

Both books have several sections and many chapters and it may not be convenient for users to have to download single chapters but the sections may still be too big.

So we would welcome feedback on the best size of downloadable sections so that those most in need can download them within a reasonable time. For example, would 3MB, 2MB or 1MB etc. be feasible?

It would be really helpful if HIFA and Child 2015 members, especially those working in rural hospitals in low-income countries where the Internet is most likely to be weak, could advise us on this matter so that we ensure that PDFs of both books are as useful as possible.

Very many thanks for your advice and we will inform members when the PDFs of both books are available.

David Southall and Rhona MacDonald

Honorary Medical and Honorary Executive Directors

Maternal and Childhealth Advocacy International (MCAI)


HIFA profile: David Southall is a retired Professor of Paediatrics and Honorary Medical Director of Maternal and Childhealth Advocacy International (MCAI)    http://www.mcai.org.uk    He is also on the board of the International Child Health Group email: director AT mcai.org.uk



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