Reproductive Health and Family Planning Information – Hesperian Health Guides

Hesperian has a great deal of materials available that include sexual and reproductive health information. In particular, one of our newest titles, Health Actions for Women, focuses on a lot of issues that adolescent girls in particular face, and provides activities and information on addressing the social barriers to reproductive health for women and girls. There are a few sample chapters available to download on our website, including “Taking Action for Women’s Health” ( and “Protecting Women’s Health with Family Planning” (  

Health Actions for Women, and also Where Women Have No Doctor and A Book for Midwives, which focus more on hands-on health information, are available for purchase on our web store (, and also for free in many languages on our HealthWiki ( and Resources by Language page (

Some helpful chapters to read on the HealthWiki may be the “Sexual Health” chapter ( and the “Family Planning” chapter ( ) in Where Women Have No Doctor.

We also have an app available for both iPhones and Androids, called the Safe Pregnancy and Birth app, which provides information on a variety of maternity-related health issues. It is available for download for free through the Google Play store and the iTunes store.

I hope some of these resources will be useful for you. Please contact me if you have any questions about any of them, or if you have trouble finding something you’re looking for.


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