CABI’s Global Health

CABI’s Global Health is a public health database NOT a journal. You can find out more about it here: the Global Health database, we abstract & index journal articles, conference proceedings and posters, books and book chapters, theses and reports.   96% of the records have an English abstract…language of the original item is not a barrier to us. WE link to the fulltext wherever possible and also separately host fulltext in our own CABI repository for all of these types of content, where we are given permission to do so.  Global Health is used by leading public health schools worldwide to train and support research into national, regional and global public health. One of the key types of content requested by our users is grey literature… i.e. reports which typically remain inaccessible and invisible within the organisations that commissioned them. Just the kind of material in repositories.

I would like to work with institutional repositories and ministries of health in LMIC to expose their content through Global Health so that public health researchers, practitioners and policymakers around the globe can benefit from the insights and expertise they hold.  The differences between each institution, which Jean highlights, would not worry us, as we are used to this and indeed we have already worked with some African institutional repositories outside of the health arena.

If anyone has links to an institutional repository or ministry of health, do please contact me.


Wendie Norris


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