Governing Large Scale CHW Programs from the CHW Reference Guide

CHW Central is continuing to explore how to support large scale CHW programs.  Our latest feature looks at Who’s in Charge?  The Complexity of Governing Large-Scale CHW Programs.   “Who’s in charge?” is a difficult question for CHW programs to answer, especially those operating on a large scale. Who are the people and institutions that make decisions about running a program? How do they arrive at their decisions? And how are these decisions implemented and enforced? Things rapidly become complicated for CHW programs as they may or may not be part of a formal health system. CHWs may answer to multiple authorities, and what works very well in one area may not be appropriate in another.   

Chapter 4 of the CHW Reference Guide defines the importance of governance and lays out the issues:  How are policies made?  Who implements decisions regarding CHW programs? What laws and regulations are needed to support the program? How should the program be adapted across different settings in the country or region?

Find the full article on the CHW Central website;  as well as over 550 other resources related to community health workers.   

Donna Bjerregaard, Senior Technical Advisor, Initiatives Inc. / www.chwcentral.or


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