New breastfeeding video series for mothers

In recognition of the importance of breastfeeding for newborn lives, Global Health Media Project has produced a new set of videos designed to help breastfeeding mothers. The videos are being released over the course of this week to mark and support World Breastfeeding Week.

Breastfeeding is a skill that is learned most effectively by “seeing and doing”.  The power of visuals is vitally important for mothers learning how to breastfeed.  Our nine new videos—narrated in English, French, Spanish, and (soon) Swahili—will help mothers by providing practical information on “how to” skills and problem management.

The videos are intended primarily for mothers in the developing world, but may be helpful for breastfeeding mothers worldwide. The topics are: Breastfeeding in the First Hours After Birth Positions for Breastfeeding, Attaching Your Baby at the Breast, Is Your Baby Getting Enough Milk, Increasing Your Milk Supply, How to Express Breastmilk, Storing Breastmilk Safely, What to Do About Breast Pain, and What To Do About Nipple Pain. They can be viewed on-line as well as downloaded free-of-charge in several sizes through this link:

Thanks and kind regards,


Deborah Van Dyke, Director

Global Health Media Project



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