Global Health eLearning Center is Now Available Via Mobile Devices in Tanzania

The news item below is forwarded from K4Health. Further information here:

“Join the network and start making free calls to your fellow medical practitioners.”

‘The Global Health eLearning Center (GHeL) is now available to a growing number of health workers in Tanzania via their mobile devices free of charge. Earlier this month, GHeL was included as a free domain to members of the Health Network Programme. Members of this network can now take GHeL courses?critical resources for continuing professional developmentt?on their mobile devices without incurring data charges. The Healthh Network Programme makes it easier for health workers to seek advice, refer clients, and improve patient care nationwide. When doctors, assistant medical officers, and clinical officers in Tanzania join this network they can call and text each other and access select websites for free. The network facilitates collaboration among geographically dispersed health workers—particularly those working in isolated or remote areas. The Health Network Programme was created in close partnership with Vodacom, the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, the Medical Association of Tanzania and Switchboard, acquired recently by IntraHealth International.’

Let’s build a future where people are no longer dying for lack of healthcare knowledge – Join HIFA:  


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