Canadian Political Science Review: Population Health and Health System Reform: Needs-Based Funding for Health Services in Five Provinces


This essay explores the introduction of population-needs-based funding (PNBF) formulae for the provision of health care services in five provinces (Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta) as part of a larger project examining a range of health reform decisions in those provinces. Based on semi-structured key-informant interviews with civil servants, stakeholder representatives and political actors the paper examines why and how some provinces chose to move ahead with PNBF formulae while others did not. For two of the provinces (Alberta and Saskatchewan) the implementation of the formulae stemmed directly from the process of regionalization carried out shortly before, while Quebec’s particular model of regionalization led to a slower and more gradual adoption of a PNBF formula. Although Newfoundland did implement a regionalized governance structure, it has not attempted to change how services have been traditionally funded, leaving much of the decision making in this area to bureaucratic and political actors. Ontario’s decision to not pursue a full-scale form of regionalization meant that key stakeholders in the acute care sector could effectively block any significant discussion of changes to how health care dollars are allocated…..more


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