BMJ: Providing guidance to empower LMIC health teams

Since 2007, PACK has been scaled up to reach 20,000 health workers across 2,000 government healthcare facilities in South Africa. BMJ is now promoting the global expansion of PACK, in partnership with KTU and other stakeholders including governments, universities and NGOs. The intention is to train and support doctors, nurses and pharmacists to improve primary care services in under-resourced regions.

BMJ has partnered with the University of Cape Town Lung Institute’s Knowledge Translation Unit (UCTLI KTU), to develop and distribute the Practical Approach to Care Kit (PACK) programme to healthcare workers in low to middle income countries.

The PACK programme is a comprehensive clinical practice aid that enables healthcare practitioners to diagnose and manage common conditions. It covers 40 common symptoms and 20 conditions including cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, women’s health, and end-of-life care.

PACK is updated annually to comply with local clinical policy, regulations and essential drug lists, and is translated where necessary. It incorporates regular evidence updates from BMJ and other credible sources including WHO, to ensure that it is relevant and provides the latest best practice guidance.



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