New film about Chlorhexidine for umbilical cord care

We are delighted to release our latest film, about an antiseptic gel called chlorhexidine: Chlorhexidine for Umbilical Cord Care.  This film has been produced for the global Chlorhexidine Working Group with support from GSK.7.1% Chlorhexidine has been shown to be highly effective in reducing neonatal mortality related to newborn sepsis as well as umbilical cord infection.  We’ve produced this short animation for the Chlorhexidine Working Group to demonstrate how to provide safe umbilical cord care using this simple and effective, life-saving antiseptic.

Click here to view and download the film:

The Chlorhexidine Working Group (CWG) is an international collaboration of organizations committed to the use of 7.1% chlorhexidine digluconate (delivering 4% chlorhexidine) for umbilical cord care in low income countries through advocacy and technical assistance.  To learn more, visit the Chlorhexidine for Umbilical Cord Care Hub:

This film is intended to inform health workers and communities across Sub-Saharan Africa and other low resource settings about chlorhexidine, and how it should be used as part of safe umbilical cord care immediately after birth.

With thanks to GSK who generously supported this film, and to the Chlorhexidine Working Group for their input and expertise.

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Josie Gallo

Content Co-ordinator Medical Aid Films

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