New Online course: Designing E-Learning for Health

I would like to bring to your attention a new free online course available via FutureLearn. It is called Designing E-learning for Health and is run by the University of Nottingham.

Here is a brief description:

ABOUT THE COURSE: Healthcare is a vast and constantly changing global sector. We all have a stake in it, so it is vital that both professionals and patients not only have access to accurate information, but also to the stories and experiences of real people.

Translate real-life experiences into effective e-learning

As educators, we know that bringing these voices to life in e-learning will make it more effective, but this also poses challenges:

How do we translate real-life experiences into e-learning?

How can our e-learning tell powerful stories?

What methods can we use to design high quality and reusable e-learning resources?

And how can we best get our concepts and ideas across to multiple audiences?

It starts in February 2016 and more information is available here:

Best Wishes

Deborah Jackson

HIFA profile: Deborah Jackson is the HIFA Country Representative Coordinator and is based in Finstock, Oxfordshire, UK.


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