CCP Walking Club celebrates




 One of the strongest walking clubs established in Ward 11, Chiawelo Community Practice, Soweto had a celebration with its 20-30 members as a year end function. The clubs meet daily to do basic stretching, strengthening exercises, walking and then talking. It has become a strong social institution as well as having improved health outcomes – greater stamina and flexibility, less aches and pains! An amazing achievement in less than a year.


4 thoughts on “CCP Walking Club celebrates

  1. congratulations on the chws of ward 11 they really did great for their community and they should keep it up.they have motivated me to do even better for the community that i serve and to dr moosa thank you for equiping us with the skills and guidens to do that.


  2. What is happening in ward 11 is a very good thing for the community I wish it could happen in all the ward’s keep up the good work. Dr Moosa you are the best thing that has ever happened to all of us if it wasn’t for you I wonder where some of us would be now. Thank you very much.


  3. I wish other with all the Wards,we can learn to work together and leave our differences aside for the sake of delivering services to those who need it most “the sick”in this instance job tittles are of no importance,but bringing hope and humanity to others is an entitlement.Are we in the right space?


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