Semantic Interoperability: The Future of HealthCare Data

Good healthcare depends so much upon having high-quality information about a patient. The problem is that that data lives across multiple providers and institutions, and that the industry has yet to fully conquer the challenge of exchanging and integrating this information, thanks to the use of multiple vocabularies, formats, and systems by all the players in the chain.

Last year, at a workshop held at the Semantic Technology & Business Conference in San Francisco, a big step was taken towards tackling this problem. It came in the form of The Yosemite Manifesto, a position statement that debuted at that conference’s panel on RDF as a Universal Healthcare Exchange Language. The Manifesto recommended using the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) RDF (Resource Description Framework) standard model for data interchange as a universal healthcare exchange language, describing RDF – one of the core technologies of the Semantic Web – as the best available candidate for the job. …more


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