Ready for the Internet’s third wave?

The way we use and understand the Internet is changing. We’ve long surpassed the first wave and are just about done with the second. On the cusp of the third, we’re about to face a host of new opportunities and challenges.  Are you ready?

A new Internet is coming

As the Internet of Things (IOT) comes into play, platforms will change drastically. Devices will become “smart” and gadgets we haven’t even imagined yet will be integrated into our lives.

According to Steve Case, author of The Third Wave, even talking about things being connected to the Internet will become meaningless. Everything (and everyone) simply will be. Houses will be able to talk to phones. Alarms to tablets. Roads to cars. Machines will talk to machines. And almost everything will talk to you.

The good news for brands is that this talking equates to content.

It’s all about flexibility …more



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