Is AR our new reality?

In the last few years “augmented reality” (AR) has started finding its way out of the dark corners previously reserved for niche technologies used by gamers and geeks and into the mainstream, where it has the potential to become a formidable marketing tool.

AR enables a live view of a real environment enhanced by computer-generated layers of information such as sound, graphics, video or animations. It’s not only starts-ups that are interested – Google and Microsoft too are funnelling resources into developing AR solutions and fine-tuning their use. In Silicon Valley, a combined incubator and investment fund, Super Ventures, was recently launched solely to develop AR.

AR is not only coming of age, it has the potential to change how we live and work. It’s far more than a “nice to have” marketing tool. AR will soon pervade the fabric of our daily interactions and could even become the foundation for the next shift in human interaction and engagement….more


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