11 tech innovations changing global education

A giant shipping container now provides computers to students in remote locations. The simplest cell phone records and distributes local stories to improve literacy rates. Voicemails teach mothers how to care for, and educate, their young children. These are just some of the exciting technological adaptations changing education in the world’s remote and poor regions.

Education is a community-wide challenge. It requires talented teachers, committed parents and guardians, and tools for pupils. Providing these things in rural and poor areas has challenged policy makers across the planet.

Add poverty into the mix, and the situation can turn dire very quickly. In rural and remote areas, people struggle to pool enough resources and expertise to reach every child with an education.

To face this challenge, development experts, technology giants, entrepreneurs, and education leaders are adapting technology to improve educational outcomes in some of the world’s hardest to reach places.

Here are some of the innovations changing education around the world: ……more


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