New High-Impact Practice Brief: Community Group Engagement – Changing Norms to Improve Sexual and Reproductive Healt

What is a promising high-impact practice in family planning for social and behavior change?

Engage and mobilize communities in group dialogue and action to promote healthy sexual relationships.

This brief describes the evidence on and experience with community group engagement (CGE) interventions that aim to foster healthy sexual and reproductive health (SRH) behaviors. The distinguishing characteristic of CGE interventions from other social and behavior change (SBC) interventions is that they work with and through community groups to influence individual behaviors and/or social norms rather than shifting behavior by targeting individuals alone. Specifically, community support can shift individual behaviors, including contraceptive behaviors, either by changing norms or individual knowledge and attitudes.

Download the brief here:

HIFA profile: Debra Dickson is POPLINE Manager at the Center for Communication Programs, United States. Email address: ddickson AT


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