“Almost Half Of Medical Trials Are Never Published And It’s Hurting Patients”

‘A new website has found that 8.7 million patients in the last decade have taken part in clinical trials that have never seen the light of day – and says this failure to publish stops doctors making good decisions about medicines.’

‘Nearly half of clinical trials worldwide are never published, according to a new website run by academics at University of Oxford including the data transparency campaigner Dr Ben Goldacre.

‘Scientists say the failure to publish medical data harms patients by skewing scientific understanding and preventing doctors from providing the best available treatments…’

Full text: https://www.buzzfeed.com/tomchivers/almost-half-of-medical-trials-are-never-published-and-its-hu?utm_term=.jiKJNKGlQa#.flKynpEgLk

It would be interesting to know the level of non-publication in different countries, including clinical trials carried out in high-income versus low- and middle-income countries. For example, is it easier for pharmaceutical companies to avoid publication of results that do not support their commercial interests, when the research is undertaken in LMICs?

Also, what proportion of non-clinical health research is never published?

Best wishes, Neil

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