Euthanasia South Africa – How would health professionals in Nigeria react if the judiciary ever ruled in favour of it?

We share this News from South Africa (SA) in full and wondered what would happen if it were here – would the health professionals react like their colleagues in SA? : READ ON

SCA hearing on the ’right to die’ starts


The Supreme Court of Appeal is hearing arguments in the government and Health Professions Council of SAappeal against a High Court ruling granting a terminally ill patient the right to die. The HPCSA fears that euthanasia can be abused in SA, because of the power imbalance in doctor-patient relationships.

Assisted dying, also known as euthanasia, is illegal in South Africa. But in a ground-breaking ruling in 2015, South Africa’s High Court granted a terminally ill man, Robin Stransham-Ford, the right to die with dignity. Stransham-Ford died just hours before the High Court ruling was delivered. [… Note from HIFA mopderator: Article is protected by copyright. Read in full here: ]

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