DFID Call for Applications: Tackling Deadly Diseases in Africa Programme

www.fundsforngos.org – The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) is currently seeking applications for Tackling Deadly Diseases in Africa Programme (TDDAP), a five-year flagship programme for DFID’s Africa…  

Areas of interest:

To ensure that there is reduced impact of deadly diseases on the lives of people of Africa, the programme will be structured around the following areas of work:

1. Working with regional and international health institutions to help them clarify their mandates and roles, develop and implement a robust set of international health policies and programmes, and establish adequate capacity for preventing and responding to health emergencies.

2. Supporting our partner countries to make sure that their national health systems are resilient, responsive, accountable and on-track to meet the standards set out in the International Health Regulations.

3. Ensuring that governments and regional health institutions are held to account for the prevention of health emergencies, delivery of quality health services and proper management of health budgets.

4. Gathering accurate data and evidence to inform responses to infectious diseases by African governments and international partners.

5. Contributing to the establishment of rapid response standing capacity in Africa able to provide surge response to tackle disease outbreaks.


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