Clinical Guidelines for Community Acquired Pneumonia

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Dear Working Group,

 A first draft of the SATS/FIDSSA CAP guideline is now ready for dissemination and is attached (CAP guidelines 8_7_16 version). The reason it has been sent to you is because you volunteered to be on the Working Group when I sent out the email request a few weeks ago. The draft has been put together by a number of authors, and includes most of the authors of the previous CAP guideline. It has been co-ordinated by myself (representing SATS primarily) and Tom Boyles (representing FIDSSA).  Tom Boyles and I would be grateful if you could read through and comment as appropriate. Below are some guidelines for commenting, as it has been sent to a wide group of individuals to comment on including SATS and FIDSSA members, as well as the Physician (Dr Adri Kok) and Primary Care (Dr Shabir Moosa) Groups.  .

·  Please do not alter the text with track changes. With so many reviewers it is unrealistic to expect these to be taken into account and they will be rejected. There will be a separate process of copy editing. 

·  Please give all comments using a comments box in Word

·  If you think a recommendation is wrong you must supply references to back this up; particularly if you think evidence is level I or II. If level III you must give a clear justification

·  If you think something is missing the onus is on YOU to supply it. For example, comments such as ‘need a flow diagram here’ are not helpful, if you think this please construct a flow diagram and send it back. Similarly, comments such as ‘more references needed’ are of little use, please supply the references.  

·  Tom and I will be summarising the comments and recirculating the document but will not be looking for references or writing major new sections pieces.  

 The deadline for submissions is August Friday August 5th.


Charles Feldman

Professor of Pulmonology and Chief Physician

Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital / University of the Witwatersrand