Johannesburg DRC

Want to do research in Johannesburg Health District?


The Johannesburg District Research Committee (DRC) strives to create  a culture of safe and high quality research for improvement of the health of residents in Johannesburg.

Its objectives are:

  • To coordinate research activities in the Johannesburg Health District
  • To mainstream these activities based on the Health District’s strategic and operational plans as well as compliance with local, provincial and national health strategies and policies.
  • To identify district research priorities and create a research agenda using district health information system data, previous research and situational analyses based on a gap analysis, and to provide strategic direction to the Health District in terms of Health research
  • To align district research priorities with provincial priorities, to promote research on identified priorities and monitor such research.
  • To develop a research active Health District where translational research becomes part of the routine HealthDistrict activity;
  • To facilitate research capacity building programmes such as district research conferences.
  • To communicate with the Provincial Health Research Council (PHRC) on any important issues.

Members of the Johannesburg Health District Research Committee (DRC)

Dr E M Ohaju JHB Health District
Prof M.Y.H  Moosa JHB Health District
Mr J. Shikwambane City of Joburg
Ms M. Molotshwa JHB Health District
Ms B. Molelekoa JHB Health District
Prof S.A.H. Moosa JHB Health District
Dr M. Likibi JHB Health District
Dr Petkova JHB Health District
Dr Akii JHB Health District
Dr  Baski City of Joburg
Prof D. Basu Pretoria University
Mr B. Sibeko City of Joburg
Mr B. Sikhakhane JHB Health District
Prof S. De Wet University of Johannesburg

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