Research Application


Ensure you have the following pdf documents to attach to the online application below.

  1. Approved research protocol (with study instruments)
  2. Ethics clearance certificate
  3. Proof of submission to the National Health Research Database
  4. Any other relevant documentation

You will NOT be able to complete the online application WITHOUT these attachments. You can fill in the application, save it and then come back to it. The draft leter

Once the application is submitted online, a receipt of acknowledgement will be issued automatically with your reference number. The proposal and related documents are then forwarded to DRC members for consideration.

Here is some insight into the process.

(a) Student academic and staff-initiated research would be reviewed by two members of the District Research Committee and if in agreement the decision would be conveyed within 7 days. If not, it would be sent to all members of the DRC

(b) Grant funded research will be sent to all members of the DRC and discussed at the DRC meetings.

(c) Clinical trials will be sent to all members of the DRC but subject to approval by the Provincial Department of Health (PDoH) before approval by the DRC.

If you are applying for grant funded research and clinical trials to conduct research in our facilities, we strongly encourage you to seek pre-approval from the DRC before submission of such application.

The approval letter will be signed by the Chief Director, Johannesburg Health District and/ or the Executive Director, Health Department, City of Johannesburg.


All communication to the DRC must be addressed to Chairperson DRC at Please quote your reference number!

You can also visit us at:

  • Public Health Unit, 2nd floor; Hillbrow CHC Administration Building, Klein Street, Hillbrow, Johannesburg

The DRC are expected to meet 10 times a year (Feb-Nov) on the last Wednesday of the month. You should get a response within a week of the DRC meeting.

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