Distance courses on evidence-based practice

The American International Health Alliance has provided free distance training courses on evidence-based practice for LMIC since 2004. Courses we have developed include ‘Introduction to evidence-based practice in healthcare,’ ‘Introduction to evidence-based practice in social work,’ and ‘Evidence-based patient information materials.’ Those courses are now provided in English for our partner organizations (hospitals, universities, nursing colleges) in Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia.

In addition to gaining knowledge and new skills, participants are NOW also interested in earning points towards their CE and acquiring a statement of accomplishment from globally reknowned programs.

As a part of our recent Knowledge Management strategy, we will investigate the following solutions:

– Certifying our courses with universities in the countries where AIHA is delivering its programs.

– Repackaging those courses for self-paced learning and posting them on reknown platforms geared towards distance training in health and related topics.

We would appreciate your ideas and recommendations for how to persue those possibilities.

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Library and Information Management Consultant

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Administration & Communications Assistant

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