Wits Training

There are a host of Wits students already going through Chiawelo Community Practice and benefiting from this experience:

  1. Postgraduates
    1. Family Medicine Registrars – 2-3 x 1 month (See Registrar COPC Assignment)
  2. Medical Students
    1. 6th Year (GEMP4) Integrated Primary Care Block: 4-5 students x 6 weekly (See GEMP4 IPC Block Guide)
    2. ?5th Year (GEMP3) Public Health Block: 8 students x 2 weekly
    3. ?3rd/4th Year (GEMP1/2) Community Assignments: 300students x 6 days per year
  3. Occupational Therapy Students
    1. 4th year
  4. Speech/Audiology Students
    1. 4th Year: 8 students x 6-7 weekly
  5. Humanities
    1. Sociology students – 1 visit per year.

Activities of Wits students in Chiawelo Community Practice


2 thoughts on “Wits Training

    • Hi Nthabiseng
      We have a group of CHWs that coordinate health promotion/stakeholder coordination in the Chiawelo quarter of Soweto. They need help with writing/posting skills. If this doesnt suit then just spend an afternoon with them or a Saturday morning and discuss how you can fit in to help. If you think you can assist then contact Linda Nkuna at (062) 0157058 / norccentre24@gmail.com
      Dr. S. Moosa


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